Following the Bulgarian dance in Netherlands

The Bulgarian team of Richmart Vintage is in Netherlands and follows in the footsteps of Bulgarian dance, embroidery and rhythms that truly obey people in the country of tulips.

After a strong start to the tour Ensemble "Bulgare" in Holland, Dean Manev, Director of Men's Fashion Cluster and the team of InLIFE are guests of formation Paloina" who practice the Bulgarian folklore.

Following the Bulgarian dance in Netherlands

Fifty Dutch and one Bulgarian take participation in the dance formation - 10 men and 42 women. All of them love the Bulgarian folklore, because of its passion, heart and soul.

The Bulgarian rhythmic attracts the Dutch with its soul, because the dance is life.

The Bulgarian in the formation said: "Dance is health, dance is something that helps you to forget the problems all over the world".

"Is it possible to save the Bulgarian tradition as we add an embroidery to the modern clothes?", asked from Men's Fashion Cluster.

"The tradition is something that always has to be with us. Yes, it is possible. Thanks to the embroidery - the elegance and the tradition are saved.", added the Bulgarian.

Following the Bulgarian dance in Netherlands

Many Bulgarians live outside of Bulgaria, but their hearts are here. They can't stop thinking about the motherland, the nature and the beauty of Bulgaria.

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Author: Boyana Ivanova

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