Diana Stoyanova: "Make-up is a cultural journey and adventure"

*"Make-up Academy" is the first professional make-up textbook from a Bulgarian author

Diana Stoyanova - founder of NEXT LEVEL Beauty Academy, is a professional make-up artist, graduate stylist, image consultant and photographer. At present, Diana Stoyanova is the first and only Bulgarian author of a professional make-up textbook - "Make-up Academy". The book is based on her methodology as a makeup teacher.
Diana Stoyanova has graduated from the National Professional High School of Politics and Photography in Sofia and journalism at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski". She specializes in fashion and photography makeup at International Making Beauty Academy, Milan, a certified image consultant and fashion stylist at the International Association of Professions Career College and the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). She studied styling and fashion consultancy with stylist Hristina Tusheva and profiled portrait photography with the prominent Bulgarian photographer Nacho Kamenov.


1. You are the author of the first and only Bulgarian professional make-up textbook. Why did you decide to write such a book?
The idea of writing the book came from my students. The theory, as well as the makeup, we study as part of the curriculum in the professional makeup courses I am leading. That is why my students have repeatedly asked me why I do not write a textbook, where they can easily, quickly and clearly store the lessons learned. There is not one really professional makeup builder on our market, which I count as a huge pass and I wanted to fill it.

2. For whom is your book suitable for professionals or for any woman who wants to learn the secrets of good makeup?
My textbook is a guide for professional makeup makers, but that does not prevent any lady who is excited about her appearance to find a lot of useful information in it. Step-by-step makeup and makeup techniques are shown in an accessible way. Deep reading and learning my book would greatly save visits to a professional makeup artist. I think the "Makeover Academy" will become an extremely useful guide for both professionals and ladies who love make-up, fashion and aesthetics.


3. What will readers find in your book?
In the book, I am deeply acquainting readers with makeup techniques and secrets, which they will hardly find, systemized and clearly presented in social media clips. I focus on make-up brushes and their use, the right choice of make-up products, color theory and corrective make-up, often underestimated and unknown even for professional makeup artists. In the "Make-up Academy" you can also find step-by-step photo training for the ten most popular and popular styles of make-up crafts for different occasions. Each chapter ends with "the advice of the professional" where I synthesize the most important thing to save the readers' long search for information in forums and watching, in most cases, amateur videos.


4. Do you think makeup is a must-have accessory for a woman?
I do not take care of myself every day, but I think every woman should be able to do it. It is important to know the features of our face, to know what to hide and what to emphasize in the most elegant and appropriate way for us. There are also occasions in our lives where we have to make makeup. This is especially true for the moments when we are shooting, as well as for any important events in which we want to look impeccable.

5. What are the most common mistakes women make regarding makeup?
Mistakes are of a different nature for professional make-up makers and ladies who make their own makeup at home. Make-up artists often do not take into account the individual features of their customers, perhaps because they underestimate or have not thoroughly studied corrective makeup and color analysis. Make-ups are made on a conveyor-like basis, identical for different people and occasions. Every makeup and every customer is unique and unique. In their individual makeup the ladies make mistakes, mainly related to the unfamiliarity of makeup products and techniques.


6. What three (maybe more) counseling tips would you give to women who do their own makeup?
First of all, before makeup - take care of the flawless condition of your skin. Never underestimate white cosmetics, cleansing and skin care from a very early age, because makeup cannot hide it. Make up for the occasion, the dress you are wearing, your individual peculiarities, age and color. Never ask one to do a makeup of your girlfriend or favorite artist and do not be blindly affected by fashion trends. You are unique and unique! Find your own style! Invest in good products and a short professional course in make-up craft - it will thank you a hundred times in time!

7. What recommendations would you give to those who want to do it professionally?
Follow your heart and do not be afraid to start because it is usually the hardest thing to do the first step. To be very patient, both to their development and to their clients. Nowadays people want everything to happen very quickly - here and now, but good things happen with a lot of work, dedication, ambition and clear goals. And, of course, like any art, makeup requires it to bring love to it with you, because that's always what it is!

8. In the art of make-up you are a kind of an artist. What is your individual style as an artist?
When I work with a presentation purpose and on my own designs, I love make-ups with a high level of complexity, a game of colors, shapes, textures that you can see from my portfolio and my installation profile. I like the Russian school, which is extremely expressive and on the brink of the impossible, as well as the drama of Oriental style. I play with all sorts of styles - from punk and gothic to pin-up and Arabic makeup. Everything is interesting to me. Since I am also engaged in styling, makeup is a cultural journey and adventure, not a destination with a distinct end point.

9. Which world-class star do you dream of doing make-up for?
Actually, I do not dream of doing a make-up for a star, but creating a star. Vivian Westwood is my role model as an artist - an exceptional woman, a rebel and a lady at the same time. I admire her so much that I would like to make up for her collection.


10. What are the current fashion trends in make-up for 2019?
I think we're starting to go out of an era of heavy contouring, and smoky eyes. At the moment Hollywood beauties are especially relevant so-called. "Vegan make-up" that relies on the natural, pure face, almost "nouveau" make-up, with thick eyebrows and radiant skin tan. For special occasions you can bet on bright contrasting lips. An interesting trend is the use of a colored eyeliner and spiral, which you can put as a slight accent and tease against the background of an otherwise pure and sophisticated vision.

The interview was taken by Ivana Stoyanova.

1. Diana Stoyanova.
2. - 3. The new book by Diana Stoyanova - "Make-up Academy".
4. - 5. Makeup by Diana Stoyanova.

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