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Radoslava Lazarova won Golden Needle 2019
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Radoslava Lazarova won Golden Needle 2019

The designer of fashion house "Blink" Radoslava Lazarova received the most prestigious fashion award in Bulgaria. At the 25th award ceremony of the Academy of Fashion - Golden Needle 2019, Radoslava Lazarova won the award in the category "Best young designer". The high recognition is of a strong start in fashion and is reserved for young artists whose creative talent stand out brightly and asks for serious professional success.

Photographer Dilian Markov:
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Photographer Dilian Markov: "Eroticism is in the eyes"

Dilian Markov is one of the leading names in the field of photography and an emblematic author of covers and fashion photos for female, male and lifestyle magazines. He works for fashion designers and established brands in the field of women's, men's fashion and advertising photography. Winner of the Golden Needle Award of the Academy of Fashion in the category "Fashion photographer" for the years 2000 and 2018. In recent years Dilian Markov directs his professional interest in working on special projects where he can develop his creative potential.

Radoslava Lazarova opens a showroom in Sofia
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Radoslava Lazarova opens a showroom in Sofia

The winner of the Golden Needle by the Academy of Fashion Radoslava Lazarova is the only Bulgarian designer to create a showroom at bridal center My Wedding in Sofia.

Glamorous premiere of the book
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Glamorous premiere of the book "100 meetings with me"

Maxim Behar, Niki Kanchev and Yuliana Doncheva presented Prof. Lubomir Stoykov's new book "100 Meetings with Me". The three are the authors of the introductory words in the book which contains selected interviews with Prof. Stoykov, published in some of the best and most prestigious printed publications from the period of 1993 - 2018. The book's premiere took place during the traditional summer party of the Academy for Fashion - Summer Fashion Party 2019 on June 11th at Vitosha Park Hotel. The event on the occasion of the 65th birthday of the popular aesthete, journalist and favorite professor of several generations of students in journalism, public relations and fashion design, included a stylish fashion show. It was attended by Golden Needle winners by the Academy of Fashion, famous and established fashion brands, as well as students from the fashion specialty of Prof. Stoykov.