Youliana Doncheva: Clear and fine experiment

* A businesswoman will never be wrong if she puts on a jacket in combination with trousers, jeans or a dress!

Prof. Lubomir Stoykov

It is an amazing example of coexistence of intelligence and professionalism, on the one hand, and style, femininity and elegance, on the other. Her successful appearances in journalism, business and politics awaken exclamation, but also amazement and questions about the unity and versatility of talent, the unlimited possibilities of the modern and purposeful Bulgarian. Youliana Doncheva! For decades she has been offering and imposing on Bulgarian and foreign audiences their concept of beauty and sophistication, of rigor and responsibility. Her charismatics is not just a hill, though her beauty by birth is obvious and so natural. Her obsession is a result of the openness of her character to the new, to the progressive, to the functional one.

In 2018, Youliana Doncheva won for the second time the Academy of Fashion Award for the most stylish and successful Bulgarians. Ten years earlier, however, she was among the first to be awarded the title "BG Fashion Icon" for 2009. Significant is the fact that, at the very beginning of its fashion competitions, the Academy of Fashion appreciated its visual culture, professionalism, morality and reputation. The reason? Then, and now it is the same: Youliana Doncheva is an example of imitation, of high taste and of successful realization in its sphere. Her fashion philosophy is curious and exemplary - she does not slave mechanically on famous fashion brands, but follows her aesthetic intuition and individual approach to finding the most appropriate clothing, accessories and cosmetics in direct connection with her individuality, her intellectual and emotional world.

A convincing condition for the prosperity of her style is her striving for functional, comfortable, practical, but with it - and up-to-date clothing. Her remarkable experience as a television presenter in Italy and Bulgaria, her emblematic public appearances, her vast communication experience combined with her fashionable culture are among the most important prerequisites for the formation of her remarkable elegance. And if we try to answer laconically the question "Why is Youliana Doncheva always so adequately dressed, so magnetic with her appearance?", The explanation is quite logical - because she is not a slave of fashion rules but follows her own sensations (cultural and aesthetic), takes into account the occasion and the situation, and relies on the clean line and the fine experiment. More about her original fashion philosophy, her views and axioms about her own style, the challenges and challenges of aesthetic taste, the characteristics and the function of business clothing we will learn from her.


How would you comment that you were awarded the for second time with the BG Fashion Icon award by the Academy of Fashion in 2018?
The Academy of Fashion, with President Prof. Lubomir Stoykov, has long since become an institution of serious authority. In the focus of her nominations are some famous people who are not just popular but also have certain professional and moral qualities. In this sense, it is my honor to have been awarded the "BG Fashion Icon" award along with other worthy personalities from different spheres of the social and cultural life of Bulgaria.

Who has had the most impact on your style of dressing?
I built my own personal style of dressing in Italy, where I worked in the early 90s. At that time, there was still almost no information about fashion styles, world designers, brands, and it felt intuitive. In Rome I came into another world where fashion was on a pedestal. My work at the Italian TV RAI 2 met me with people who had a solid knowledge of not only fashion but also of aesthetics at all. That could also have no effect on my personal preferences.


Which are your favorite fashion brands (foreign and Bulgarian)?
As a person who values above all the talents of people, not the imposed labels and stereotypes, I can say that I am fascinated by many Bulgarian artists. I like the elegance and finesse of Sofia Borisova, the courage of Nevena, the originality of Dimitar Paisiev / D'Queen /. For years I have been a fan of the Italian shoe brand Cesare Paciotti and all my shoes are from this brand. In terms of clothes, I'm a big experimenter - it's influenced by the model rather than the label. Every single brand has its stronger and weaker collections, which means we should be more flexible in choosing.


How do you decide what to wear?
I always choose my attire at the last moment. I choose a garment that suits my current mood. I often change my mind at the last minute, which I sometimes regret. It's not easy for me to choose my dress for a particular event.


Tell us cases in which your appearance has helped you to cope with a complex situation?
I think an attractive toilette does not help but rather causes complicated situations. When a lady is dressed to stand out with her style, she attracts a lot of looks. Curiosity and excessive attention usually disturb and may be a prerequisite for a variety of situations, including comic.

Have you had accidents with your clothing and when?
I've had accidents mostly when I did not respect my dress with the specific event. Typically, this is due to lack of information about the event. I was recently invited to a popular lady's birthday without realizing that this personal celebration will be celebrated along with annual awards. My favorite combination of trousers and jacket turned out to be inappropriate for this event, where the ladies wore long dresses.

How would you characterize your personal style?
The most practical combination I put in my everyday life is jeans and jacket. The dress, but not long, occupies a special place in my closet. I think this is the most feminine garment that can have many faces depending on the way we wear it. I do not have a certain style; I like to experiment without crossing a certain limit. I do not like overly "gaudy" visions, which offer more than anything. I bet on the clearer silhouettes, following the changes in the trends in terms of lengths and volumes, but not in too much display.


What do you think is the successful business apparel for women?
A businesswoman will never be wrong if she puts on a jacket in combination with trousers, jeans or a dress! It is a good idea to be complemented by quality shoes and accessories, a trend that has been made for several years to the west by us. Even the simplest garment is transformed, if appropriately combined with exquisite accessories, a bag and shoes.

In which cases does a woman risk being blamed for being dressed tasteless?
Sometimes the boundary between good taste and lack of one is just one step. Even proven aesthetics are not insured by mistakes, we see such in glossy fashion magazines. Yet, the coarsest manifestations of tastelessness are related to the vulgar vision, the shrilling dress, the inadequate combinations that are inappropriate for a particular figure. I have noticed that usually the lack of taste is in geometric progression with no-fault behavior - the shyer, the more self-confident and the personal.


What is the kitsch in fashion? When can one become ridiculous with his appearance?
Fashion kitsch is a controversial topic. Sometimes it sneaks up on the stage packed under the bold definition of "avant-garde", which blurs the notion of style. But despite the different experiments in fashion, one thing is certain - you can become ridiculous with your appearance if you disregard some basic rules. They are certainly related to age, physical data, social status and occupation. If the personal qualities are wrongly assessed and something inappropriate is chosen. Everyone should be aware of their personal circumstances, which they must take into account, so that they do not fall into a bad situation.

The style of which world celebrities (cinema, sports, pop music, etc.) gives you the most impression and why?
There are many world celebrities who impress with their style and sophistication – Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton, who are impeccable as vision and behavior. The mother of Elon Musk - May Musk, impresses with her style and confidence. Amal Clooney, George Clooney's wife, shows that the intellect corresponds to a measured and stylish vision, not to dubious stories. There is a long list of women that can inspire and it is up to us, whether we want to follow their model.

1. Annual awards of the Academy of Fashion for the most elegant and successful Bulgarians: Youliana Doncheva - winner of BG Fashion Icon 2018 in category Business. Vitosha Park Hotel - December 12, 2018
Photo: Hilife / Academy of Fashion
2. Youliana Doncheva
Photo: Personal archive
3. Youliana Doncheva together with her husband Stanislav Nedkov - Stuki.
Photo: Personal archive
4. Youliana Doncheva
Photo: Personal archive
5. Youliana Doncheva
Photo: Personal archive
6. Annual awards of the Academy of Fashion for the most elegant and successful Bulgarians BG Fashion Icon. Prof. Lubomir Stoykov together with Youliana Doncheva - winner of BG Fashion Icon 2018 in category Business. Vitosha Park Hotel - December 12, 2018
Photo: Ekaterina Titova - Academy of Fashion

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