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Producer of ready made lady and kids garmens-coats,skirts,dresses,trousers & etc.PRE-production samples and SMSamples available with 100% final quality control. No minimum quantity requirement per colour or model.

Vitori sport ltd

Production and trade with sportswear and accessories.


Hello, we are looking for a job for a small factory. Until recently, we worked with Pauz jeans from Svishtov, but they shifted to producers in Turkey.At the moment we have 5 workers and technologist plus 10 mashines.

Tilyx tex

Search work

Altex OOD

Firma Altex sucht Lohnarbeit. Wir sind spezialisiert auf die Herstellung von hochwertigen Damen Hosen - Waschhosen und klassishe Modelle. Wir arbeiten seit 20 Jahren fuer beruehmte deutsche Kunden.

Vesy Style V. S. Ltd

Hello, I have a sewing workshop in Sofia. We specialize in working wih knitwear. I have a tailor and a staff of 7 people. We make patterns, We grade in numbering, We sew samples.

Damir 10

Toll company


The company LUSI is founded in 1996. It can produce professionally almost every CMT order from textile.

Moda Chic

Looking for CMT work


PinTexBG Is a design office which provide full range of garment development and CAD/CAM apparel pattern making services for fashion industry. Using specialized CAD Software we develop base patterns for mans, ladies and kids wear.

En bi auto ltd

A clothing manufacturer specializing in the production of light textiles and knitwear is looking for order

IV Moda 2017

Looking for a toll job.

Mandi EOOD

Mandi Eood CMT production

Zita Ltd

Production of supply materials for the sewing industry. Production of shoulder pads, waistbands, all kind of tapes and etc.

NiT Trading Ltd

Machine embroidery over ready garments as well as ready made caps. Diret to garment print over different textyle articles - T-shirts, sweatshirts, pillows...etc

Perlax EOOD

Shiem banski ishleme

Sineta 3 OOD

Toll manufactoring


Sewing company with 20 employees

T Fashion 2019

Looking for CMT work - women's and children's clothes

Newface76 Ltd.

CMT manufacturing of garments

Vizo Ltd.

Vizo Ltd. is producing knitwear with top quality and to very competitive prices. Our product range includes lady’s , men’s and children’s pullovers and cardigans, knitted hats. We have Stoll machines 8E and 12E.

ELI 01

shivashka firma

Stivi12 EOOD



The company offers work as well as workmanship, ladies' and men's ready-to-wear clothes. We have a large machine park and cutting rooms. Correct attitude and payment. We are looking for serious companies to work with.


CMT manufacturing of women's clothes

Bim Sport Ltd.

Manufacturing of clothes by Templates

ROUGE Textil

The company produces garments made of tricot and has a staff of 50 people.

Max Inginering LLS

Offers long-term export work

Sianasi Ltd.

A company with a sewing shop in the town of Pleven is looking for a job. We offer quality and performance on time. Contact Phone: 0886608509


sewing workshop


sewing workshop

Dimana EOOD

Looking for CMT work. Sewing atelier in Plovdiv.

Veronika stil

Our company offers CMT of workwear, knitwear, textile.



Vali Stil 84 EOOD

Vali Stil 84 EOOD Gradina


The company is looking for a job, small pieces. We have a straight machine, 4-5 cone overlock and roofing machine.

Sianasi LTD

A sewing company looking for a job

Mondo atelie Тsveti

CMT manufacturing from the pattern to the packing.


Fashion studio is making all kind of women clothes , everyday clothes , sports and formal. We are using professionals mchines like triple sewing mahine and overlocking sewing machine

Elitex EOOD

Garment manufacturer.

Denis Polis

Women's and children's clothing CMT for France, UK, etc. Quality and fast production.

Anika-Spasova LTD

Clothing manufacturer.


"Elsia" Ltd. has proved to be a reliable and loyal partner on the Bulgarian and foreign markets. Manufactures ladies',men's and children's clothing (coats, jackets, dresses, pants, skirts, etc.). This year the company its own clothing brand for kids.

MAK-V Ltd.

Manufacture of uniforms and workwear.


Working with customer cut outs.

Veronika stil

CMT manufacturer from 20 years. Works with Italian companies.


We're doing a toll, short series. Contact Phone: 0885059925


A comprehensive global fashion and apparel sourcing platform,open exclusively to trade professionals of the fashion industry and dedicated to sourcing, design, production, retail, and distribution.


Sewing company, looking for CMT work

Ticiqni stil

CMT manufacturer. We offer everything from cutting to packing.

BIM Sport

Clothing manufacturer of sportswear.


Sewign, CMT

Foxsi 2016 EOOD

Sewing manufacturer


CMT company, working mainly with textile and knitted fabrics.

Nova Linia

Nova Linia is one of the most successful companies producing clothing in North Balgariya. Nova Linia long years built a flexible structure that allows it to produce a variety of products for ladies and children :coats, dresses, skirts, pant

Deliya EOOD

CMT manufacturer looking for work.


Offering CMT work through the whole year.


Production of women's apparel, paper packaging and more.


Sewing manufacturer. CMT. Embroidery of workwear. Women's and children's garments.


Looking for CMT work.

SD"Tiuhe-Iliev, Atanasova co"

Manufacturers of women's clothing tolling

SOLER 21 Ltd

SOLER 21 is a manufacturer of garments for ladies. We are specialized in the production of dresses for famous European brands.

Miti i Niki Ltd

The company is manufacturer of handbags!


Offering sewing services


Giving CMT work.


Accepts CMT orders


Sewing professional looking for CMT work.

Mira Stil 15

Sewing atelier "Mira Stil 15" Varna


Clothing company manufactures clothing and stretchers for hospitals


Manufacturer of ladies', men's and children's clothing. Works and toll - search tolling, tolling allows. We have a large, equipped sewing workshop.


Big and serious sewing company with 35 years of experience in the field,is offering job in the region and the country, big quanties of cut pcs, payment up to 1 month from the delivery of the ready made production, honesty and professionalism

Vidal logistik Ltd

We have 50 jobs for lightweight fabrics and knitted fabrics

Unicorngold ltd

Looking for CMT work.

Diamonds grup EOOD

Manufacturing of ladies garments - CMT.

Inter Consult

International company with vast foreign contacts is looking for local subcontractors for ready-made clothes. Experience, proven track record, technological solutions, machines and samples required. Thank you!

Annina Ltd

Company with own production of woman, man and kids fashion. We accept orders for production of short and long serries, small and big quantity.

Аsya Grudova

Manufacturer of women's and children's knitted and textile garments, CMT production


Tailor shop in the center of Plovdiv. Quality, honesty, speed

Shivashko Atelie

Shivasgko atelie s mashini (4konechen, 5konechen, biatarka, triola, ilicharka, kopcharka) s dylgogodishen staj v vsqkakyv vid izdeliq - tyrsi si rabota. Ishleme, korekci na drehi


Izrabotka na trikotajni ekipi


Sales sewing machines.

Diamonds Grup EOOD

Manufacturing of all types of ladies garments

Nevi fashio did

Looking for CMT work

New Grace

We accept CMT orders.

Briksi LTD

A small sewing company is looking for CMT work.

Nusefer Ltd

CMT clothing production


GAYA-07-LTD Rouse looking for CMT work.

Savana stil

Looking for CMT work


Travail a la facon pour famme et trico


CMT - knitwear and tricot.

Antush EOOD

Antush EOOD is a sewing company, producing clothes on the CMT basis. We manufacture women's clothes - skirts, trousers, dresses, blouses, shirts, pyjamas, etc.


Tailoring company with 85 workers

DeVi 88 Ltd

Тailoring services-repair and sewing clothes.

Bultimi LTD

We work with major labels around the world to produce denim garments made to their specifications.We offer a full range of cut, sew and trim services. Staff of more than 70 employees and a full range of special machines brands. Fluent in Greek, Engl.


Production of women's, men's and children's knitted garments (knitting machine). Machine knitting tolling.

Melissa Tekstil OOD

The company offers a wide choice of ladies' clothes - skirts, pants, coats, suits, shirts and blouses. The company is making its production entirely to order and it's production is intended to the Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain and others.


CMT, women's clothes

Savov Textile LTD

We produce classic and sport man and woman pants. We offer our own design or custom design requested by the client. We offer production with own fabrics, as well: velvet, wool, elastan, polyester. Monthly production capacity: 1500-3000 pcs.

Bumbar Dumbar

CMT Consultant Agency


CMT production.

Art-2014 Ltd

Production of Women\'s Clothing on order for wholesale traders including for online shops and retail for private clients is the main business of the company. It is located in Bulgaria. the prices are negotiated between the client and the company.

Nik-Mar-2004 Ltd

Knitted garments producer looking for CMT work.

Nestos Fashion EOOD

CMT manufacturing, design, import and export deals.

Moda Chic

Moda Chic is a sewing manufacturer, producing mainly men's underwear. Looking for CMT orders.

Bi effe ci service Ltd

Attivita'di consulenza e organizzazione di lavoro per conto terzi tra le ditte bulgare ed italiane

Slava 98

CMT manufacturer

David-62 Ltd.

The firm produces women's, men's and children's clothes on manufacture.

MM-margarita Moskova

The company works on CMT basis.

Modis Intertex

The company offers work with materials supplied by the client of ready-made for ladies, mens and children's and jersey.

Tea Mod Ltd

Manufacture of male, female and child's clothing.

АQ Stil-77EOOD

Working on CMT orders - jeans, work wear, sportswear, women's and children's clothing.

ET Emil Kikiov

Sewing atelier is looking for CMT work.

Kamimc 2013

We are a small manufacturing company in Dobrich looking for work. We are sewing dresses, skirts, jackets.

Fantomas Ltd

For 10 years the company works primarily tolling for ZARA - SPAIN. Currently we have a spare capacity for additional production.

ET IV-Style

Manufacturing and trade with children's clothes. CMT manufacturing

Duna 20-13

Sewing atelier, looking for CMT work.

Imid ltd

Small sewing factory with own newly built manufacturing building with CMT production for different world brands (mainly baby's and children's wear). Own production of baby's and children's knitted clothes with the brands IMID i 2Elephants.

Moda Nayd Ltd.

The company is a manufacturer of ladies garments, mainly top-jackets, coats, pants and skirts tolling


The company working from 15 years. Make External cylindrical.


CMT manufacturing

ARJ Partner LTD

Manufacturing of women's and men's clothes


Clothing company, working toll - for different world brands.

Moden sviat TD OOD

Looking for CMT work


Manufacturer of workwear

Oddhart Group Ltd

ODDHART GROUP EOOD is mainly engaged in the production and supply of corporate clothing with the brand RTM-CORPORATE FASHION. Equally, we are developing the TЯIM brand, which is geared toward everyday functional casual style.

Elia 2009 Ltd

Sewing workshop for knitwear. Worked for 10 years with national and international companies.

GAP ltd

We are a small company that produces womem's clothing with materials of the client.

Winston EOOD

Looking for CMT manufacturers


Bulgarian CMT company.

Vali Stil 86

ValiStil 86 - CMT and own production of knitwear and ready-to-wear clothes

Nevi 2011

Looking for CMT work


Work orders with customer's materials.

Magi Style 2015 Ltd

Production of mens, womens, children's clothes and workwear

ET Bradom-Agro

Sewing manufacturer, CMT.

Globaltex Ltd

Globalteks Ltd is an Italian clothing production platform that works with materials provided by the client, and also produces a product. It specializes in producing full range of women\'s and children\'s clothing.

ToVe Ltd

Looking for factories to work with on CMT- Base ladies garment - mostly blouses for export to England


Clothing company is looking for tolling, possibly - jersey. Guaranteed reliability, fast performance and meeting the deadline.

negrilla ltd

Women's ready-to-wear clothes CMT manufacturer.

Estrela group ltd

Manufacture of workwear. CMT.

Miratextil Ltd.

Sewing services

ET"Desi Style - Desislava Ivanova"

Studio makes tailoring services.

Eli 2003 EOOD

Specialized in manufacturing of work wear. Looking for CMT work.

ET Stenli

The company offers CMT of women's ready-to-wear clothes

Fashion Creations Ltd

Fashion Creations is specialized in manufacturing woman's clothing. CMT manufacturing.


Looking for CMT work.

Sofi i Stef Ltd.

Specialized in production of knitted fabrics (knitted skirts, trousers, sweaters, T-shits, under-vests, blouses, waistcoats) and ready-to-wear clothes (ladies’ and men’s shirts, trousers and skirts (classic and sport style), towels and socks.

Open Textiles

Open Textile is a CMT manufacturer of clothing for the French market.

Begani-89 LTD

Sewing atelier offers all kinds of sewing services, CMT, made-to-measure. Cutting and ironing equipment is available.

Megz Ltd

Megz Ltd is a wholesale company with complete production cycle. We can develop your patterns and produce every style for you. We guarantee excellent quality and security (design copy right policy). We work with small medium and big businesses

Interfashion-group LTD.

The company is a representative for Bulgaria of the large number of Italian companies in the world of fashion by designing them for all kinds of garments Assigning production of Bulgarian companies contracted

Yana Ltd.

Yana Ltd. – Pleven is a modern producer of fully-fashioned men’s, women’s and children’s knitwear.

Euro print konsult

Sewing company, specialized in CMT production.


Looking for CMT orders for manufacturing women's, men's, children's clothes, workwear, bed linen.


Sewing company, CMT manufacturing for companies from France, the Netherlands, Italy, Portugal.

Erida AS OOD

CMT manufacturing of women's garments.

VaniroGrafix - Kolor EOOD

Hi-end machine embroidery,custom graphic and logo design, advertisement for your company, music band, sports club or organization. Embroidery on leathers.

Ysatiss Ltd

Job Search - CMT - dresses, skirts, shirts and jackets!

Nana-8 EOOD

Manufacturing of knitwear, work wear, uniforms, bed linen and carnival costumes.

Teo Style 74 LTD

Clothing firm with extensive experience and proven quality made orders. Has cutting department, sewing and finishing area.

Staidi-2002 OOD

CMT manufacturing for EU of textile clothing, manufacturing of company uniforms for the Bulgarian market.

Popov Ltd.

Sewing room has 25 people and modern equipment.

Sunai OOD

Manufacture of clothing.


Ladies' trousers, skirts and dresses CM and CMT production

Forma Ideale

Providing CMT work - women's underwear and knitwear.

ET Branimir Ulianov

The company manufactures knitwear on CMT basis. The factory is 20 km away from the city of Gotse Delchev.

Cherry Style Ltd.

Apparel company specializing in the manufacture of underwear and swimwear, established in 2006. Working mainly on CMT, looking for work.

Augusta11 Ltd

Manufacturing of bed linen. Garments from textile and knitwear.


We have 20 years experience in manufacturing clothing. We work with many famous companies from across Europe (Guess, Esprit, C & A, ZARA, La Redoute etc.).. Perfect quality, perfect compliance with the terms and conditions. Main sew men's and ladies.

Toni 58

Bed linen, bedspreads, blankets, pillows, quilts, towel, robes, tablecloths, hangings, curtains


We have two departments: production - CMT orders and commerce - import and export of apparel.


Production agency for CMT manufacturing.


Design and manufacture of all kind of knitwear and fabrics.Tailor-made products (stage backdrops, catering cloth – table cloth, chair covers; uniforms, etc.)rn

Universal COMMERCE

The company is specialized in manufacturing of working clothes ( female and male)- winter, summer, special garments with printings and embroideries. We offer a rich variety of personal protective equipments - work shoes, boots, gloves

Stefi 99 Ltd.

Steffi 99 Company established in 2004 by Main. business trade and production of bed linen, duvets, bedspreads, pillows, tablecloths and curtains. Full equipment for your home, hotel, holiday homes and dr.Priemame tolling contracts.

Sirena-DD Ltd.

Sirena Ltd is a contract producer of ladies outerwear. Our clients are the biggest brands from France, Italy, Germany and Spain. We strictly comply with delivery dates and manufacturing requirements. Our factory has a capacity of 5000 pieces a month.


ET Hobus is mainly a workwear manufacturer since 1999. We also manufacture uniforms and fashion clothes

Elena fashion 2010

clothing industry

S & D 2010 Ltd.

Tailor shop offers all kinds of sewing clothes / women, men and children fashion / boutique clothing, bed linen. Also making clothes for mini dogs.

BNN Production Ltd.

CMT manufacturing confection

SE-BU Teks Ltd.

CMT manufacturing of women's trousers

Protest jeans

Production of children clothes from Denim,Velvet,jersey and more.We accept orders for the tolling of men, women and children's clothing 2000 pcs./month.We have a wide range of machines for making garments from heavy fabrics like denim,velvet and more

Radiance Bulgaria Ltd.

Commerce company


Workwear manufacturer


ENVOGUE is a company specializes in design, distribution and manufacturing of ladies apparel. The company offers a wide range of outer top women's apparel line with the leading fashion trends and covers different styles of clothing.

Jeri Nikolina Ivanova

Clothing company specializing in clothing for jockeys. Specialized work wear and clothing for animals. Looking for CMT jobs.

Lyuan 55 EOOD

Shop-atelier. All amendments of men's, women's and children's clothes. Manufacturing and trade with ready-to-wear clothes.

Chatov Ltd.

Looking for contract manufacturing jobs.

ET Biser Georgiev

Looking for CMT work for workwear. The city of Vidin, Bulgaria


Lady's fashion, jackets, winter coats, trench coats, lady's suits.

Mariana Georgieva - 61

We are a fashion studio, which is dedicated to making clothes to order. In general, working with materials of the customer. Each model is unique and individual. Quality and style is our motto.

ET Biser Georgiev

Workshop for manufacturing work wear on CMT basis, high quality.

Piros Ltd.

Piros Ltd.- Sandanski is a Bulgarian company founded in 1990. Has a specialized manufacturing line for producing high quality lady’s and men knitwear. The company relies on a highly qualified employees working in well-equipped private facilities.

Classa EOOD

The company produces clothes on CMT babis

Stil M

"Style M" is a Bulgarian company specialized in the production of all kinds of clothing. We work with well known and quality producers of textile and materials.Our qualified workers and new technology makes our production one of the best.

Ivanka Kitipova

Manufacture of children's clothes and tolling of Western producers.

ST "Ivan Bojilov"

Offers clothing for shops. Executes orders by model from the client and own models.

Artemida models Ruse Ltd.

ARTEMIDA MODELS RUSE is a firm specializing in the manufacture of high-quality sports-elegant style trousers and skirts for woman with client's materials and has spare production capacity.

Kirchev trade

Manufacturing and wholesale with high quality mens, womens and children's socks.

Rainbow Fashion Ilimex

Agency by by IMPORT/EXPORT of textile goods and CM&CMT work

"DaniStil" ET

Dressmaker's firm is producing knitwearр products and underwear.

ET "Atanaska Petrova - Asq"

The company works as contract manufacturer. Currently looking for new orders!

Union Level Ltd.

Company manufacturing women's clothing with twenty years experience in the industry. Manufacturer of ladies coats, ladies jackets, dresses and more. Works for tolling: French companies /Antonio, Tara Zharmon, Christine Lohr, etc./; German firms Esprit

ЕТ ''Valia Staneva-Valia''

We are company with lots of experience in clothes producing industry.Our company name is known for work clothes production.We are seeking new job opportunities and new contacts with famous European clothes making companies.You can reach us by e-mail

Darina Resova Svema ET

Contract manufacturing of mainly products from tricot. 46 workers.

Djina - Verjiniq Stefanova

Sale of textiles and sewing services.

Vilnius Ltd.

Sewing on contract manufacturing basis of textile and knitted garments including small series boutique clothes of world fashion brands.

Mila Ltd.

The company is engaged in the manufacture and sale of machine knitted garments from wool, acrylic, cotton and blends, mixes apparel, uniforms. Has knitting machines Stejger 3FF, 5FF, 7FF, 12FF and 21 gauge.


Proizvodstvo na obuvki.

Maksi EOOD

Proizvodstvo na rizi.

ST Tudzharov 90

We are specialized in giving contract manufacturing jobs for menswear with 10% hand work on them and importing Ferramani suits to Bulgaria.

Stoyanova 56

Sole trader "Stoyanova-56" was established in 1989 and is specialized in the manufacture of ladies' clothes. The company produces a wide variety of models and includes several styles: elegant sport, business and official.

Polima Shoes Ltd.

Polima shoes LTD is a company producer of shoes articles with more than 25 years traditions in this industry. It has an year’s capacity of 500 000 pairs of home slippers from textile, natural and artificial leather.

Adi-stil Ltd.

The company manufactures clothes from tricot by contract manufacturing orders.


The factory covers an area of over 10 000 m2 with 2500 m2 working space in it.

STM 08 Ltd.

Sewing company from Plovdiv.

TONY - Stefan Rusanov Ltd.

Manufacturing of women's ready-to-wear clothes, knitwear, accepts contract manufacturing orders - 13 000 items/month capacity.


Production of own brand children's clothing from 0 to 16 years.Production of working cloths. Sewing of work done(CMT) for French,Austrian and Greek trademarks.Looking for a partners with foreign company for sewing work done (CMT) or a ready product.

Dorima S

Making of working uniforms, table cloths, curtains, pillow-cases, knitting, sweaters, cardigans.

Union of the deaf in Bulgaria - Tih trud

UNION OF THE DEAR IN BULGARIA. DEPARTMENT: Manufacturing, trade and property management. It owns 14 enterprises in the major cities in Bulgaria. The main production: Sewing - working clothes, uniforms, household textiles; Knitting; shoe-making.

Marmario Ltd.

Sewing company with 50 workers.

Hris i Marti EOOD

Looking for CMT orders.

Betaprint Ltd.

Manufacture of cotton knitted and textile garments - t-shirts, blouses, shirts, sweatshirts, sport sets, jackets, blousons, bodices,\r\ncamiknicks, caps, trousers etc., screen-printing and machine embroidery.

Elena Grigorova

CMT manufacturing of women\'s ready-to-wear clothes.

Turkuaz EOOD

The company owns three factories in Kardjali, Krumovgrad and Tihomir village, Kirkovo district. Manufactures womens garments, combining good quality, deadlines and acceptable prices.


We are searching to work CMT

Panda LLC

We produce lady's fashion - own collection and by order.

Magena - Lubov Arsenova

High quality CMT manufacturer

Miss Vanini Ltd

Womens clothing manufacturing, CMT

Textil Logistik Bulgaria EOOD

Textil Logistik Bulgaria

ET "Simeon Bonev"

It is a family company working since 1998. 1300 square m. and 70 sewing machines. We work CMT - knitwear, sportswear, womens, mens and children's garments. We have worked for La redute, Nautica, Champion, Flear, Decatlon, Yessica, Puma.


Non standard sewing activities

ET Deizi

Looking for contract manufacturing orders.

ET "Ognyan Petkov" Nikopol

Looking for contract manufacturing orders. Guaranteed quality.


The company is looking (working) with materials supplied by the client. Produces coats, jackets, trousers, skirts and more.

VIV ltd.

Manufacturer of ladies\' clothes contract manufacturing.


Sewing factory with over 10 year of experience with production with materials supplied by the client.We make over clothes,trousers and dresses.Our capacity dependent of the models from 5000 up to 12000 pcs. for month.

Didim M EOOD

We work with materials and order from the client. We are working for 10 years now and we make bed sheets for 6 years, we work on ladies confection for Europe and kids confection for Greece. We have 20 workers and we have almost all special machines.

"Julieta Mo" Ltd.

Looking for contract manufacturing orders.

Stil i Moda-12 Eood

The company is specialized in manufacturing tricot and light textile products. Long experience and possibility for cutting and ironing.

"In Teks I"

The company offers manufacturing of all kinds curtains, bed covers, table covers, bed linen, accessories and more. The principle of our work is complete customer service, consulting, design, manufacturing of products delivery and installation.

Elenika 7 OOD

Sewing of clothes contract manufacturing leotard DIESEL * TOM TAILOR * PHASE-EIGHT * PHASE-EIGHT * LEVI `S * MONSOON.


The company worked largely at - work and war clothing, and lady's clothing.

Data Consult Ltd.

Business Software for control of the manufacturing process in sewing companies.

Aspik Ltd.

Contract manufacturing for the European Union

Chrisi Fashion Ltd.

The company manufactures outerwear with the materials provided by the client - coats, jackets etc.

Tedy Stil 2007 EOOD

Looking for contract manufacturing work.

Clothing Business Silk

Design and manufacturing of garments and clothes made to measure of customer. Fulfillment of orders from other businesses.

ET Nadq-Andrei Iliev

Contract manufacturing of womens ready-to-wear clothes, looking for orders.

Pamukoimpex Ltd.

Ladies’ ready-to-wear clothes, sportswear, uniforms. T-shirts, polo-shirts, sweaters etc. Home textile – tablecloths, kitchen towels etc.

SD "Anelia Gidzhukova-Politom"

Look for ladies ready-made work done with materials supplied by the client/customer.

Adymary Ltd.

We represent 10 French brands, which sew womens ready-to-wear clothes in Bulgaria as contract manufacturing.


We are looking for work with materials supplied by the customer. We offer good quality and good partnership.

Moni 2004-T.Eneva

We are a company producing dresses in order.

Peter Shterev Ltd.

Production of baby textiles: bed set, quilt, bumper, drape, sleeping bag, play mat, hooded towels, bathrobe, bib. We develop our own collections, but we also can meet your requirements. Filling is polyester wadding or foam. We do wagework.

ET Alexander Gogov

Shoes manufacturer


Producer of lady`s mans and children`s clothes from knitted fabric.

Metalchimengineering Ltd.

Metalchimengineering LTD is owner of good working tailoring compani.We are producing trousers-lady`s and men`s for export for Great Britain,with materials supplied by the client,and work capaciti 15000 pieses monthly.We have necessary equipment and adapti

Kanser Ltd.

Ladies jackets manufacturing


Manufacturing of womens and mens shoes. Contract manufacturing.

Loger Fashion Ltd.

Contract manufacturing of mens outerwear garments

Daisy Style Ltd.

Manufacturing of womens ready-to-wear garments, contract manufacturing

Vegea Ltd.

Shirts manufacturing.

ET Ani - Aneta Atanasova

Contract manufacturing of womens ready-to-wear garments

Softrico Fashion Ltd.

Manufacturing of textile and knitwear. Contract manufacturing.

Ruen Moda AD

Contract manufacturing and export of womens knitwear

Pibi - Eks Ltd.

Contract manufacturing of knitwear

Pangaea S.A.

A total new exclusive fashion style, informal elegant casual clothing, inspired moods in tunes with diverse tastes. A member of the Sofia stock exchange.

Industrialimport AD

Export, import, contract manufacturing

Valitex Ltd.

Contract manufacturing


Contract manufacturing of womens ready-to-wear garments

TEA Ltd.

Manufacturer of ladies formal and boutique wear.


Contract manufacturing of ready-to-wear garments

BTB Bulgarien

Lady's ready-to-wear garments manufacturing for German brands and own brand Vayana collection, distributed in Bulgaria and also exported.

Nova Linia

Outerwear manufacturer