In this section you can find Bulgarian companies - manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers of materials for the sewing industry - threads, buttons, zippers, lining.

Products and services: threads, buttons, zippers, lining, sequins, decorations, interlinings, women's shoulder pads, Men's Shoulder Pads, women's sleeve head tapes, men's sleeve head tapes, bias bindings & piping, plastroni, felt, perforated wraps , thermo wraps, bra cups, pads for bathing suits, pads for bra, bustier

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Optimum ltd.

Optimum ltd.Your partner in textile industry.

Zita Ltd

Production of supply materials for the sewing industry. Production of shoulder pads, waistbands, all kind of tapes and etc.


The products which we manufacture and offer to our customers are mainly buttons, buckles, loop buttons (rings), horn button sets, metal accessories, as well as many other textile materials

M Print

Wide-format digital printing is an area where just having a printing machine is no longer enough. Correctness, experience, understanding, loyalty are needed. It is these qualities that give "Master Print 2004" Ltd. a place among the market leaders.


Import and trade with stainless steel fittings


We offer tailoring materials from needle to thread. Here you can buy - wire buttons, plastic buttons, sewing machine needles, professional needles, threads, metal accessories, textile applications. Manufacture of textile labels.


"Elsia" Ltd. has proved to be a reliable and loyal partner on the Bulgarian and foreign markets. Manufactures ladies',men's and children's clothing (coats, jackets, dresses, pants, skirts, etc.). This year the company its own clothing brand for kids.


Firm Buttonfields is working about 40 years now with buttons for all kinds of clothes as shirts, jackets, trousers, skirts etc. In our store you can find polyester, plastick, metal, enamel etc.

Lokan Ltd.

Lokan Ltd. produce textile, satin, nylon (taffeta) labels, size and care labels, stickers.We have possibility for printing labels from 10 to 110mm width and unlimited length. Important option we offer is ultrasonic cutting.

Motif tekstile company Ltd

Textile accessories

Galvex itd

Production and export from PRC.

Becho81 EOOD

Direct importer of textile accessories and auxiliary materials

Vimpel DVP Ltd

Corrugated cardboard boxes, polyethylene bags


Welcome to the website of Armator PLC, the official Juki agent and distributor in Estonia. Here you will find information about the range of sewing equipment that we offer. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in our products.


LabelsBG delivers high quality garment accessories. Labels- woven, printed, leather, hang tags. Metal accessories - buttons, rivets, eyelets. Express delivery terms.

Buttons EOOD

We produce all kind of buttons in our factory. Poliester buttons, corozo buttons, imitation horn buttons, horn buttons, shell buttons, bone buttons, metal buttons

Button Factory

Producing and Trading Buttons

JACK Bulgaria Ltd

JACK Bulgaria is the official importer of industrial sewing machines JACK, cutting equipment YIN, Specialized automatic machines for apparel, knitwear, , leather and footwear industry. Devices RACING, spare parts, needles and accessories.

Koprina EOOD

Lining production, 100% viscose.


Importer of clothing materials for the textile and footwear industry


Trade with swing materials like: LINING, INTERLINING, SEWING THREADS, FILINGS, POCKETING, BANDS, SHOULDER PADS, zippers, AND MANY OTHER sewing materials

Lastikom Ltd

Production of knitted and woven narrow fabrics, elastic and not elastic, cords, velvets, cotton tapes, jacquard, laces, satin ribbons, decorative, swimwear elastics, orthopedics etc.

N2M Style Ltd

We are a company "N2M Style Ltd" which main activity is the production of Decorative motifs for garments\r\ncrystal, metal and plastic components. Produce patterns of your choice and design.


factory buttons and laser engraving.


Buttons, toggles, buckles


Trading with sewing threads and materials


Materials necessary for production of bags and shoes

Aliana-Vassil Zahariev Ltd.

Manufacturing of wadding, fluff and woollen interlining.

Kalevras woven labels

Production and marketing of all types of labels for clothing - textile, printed, cut, stamped.

Ashalay Ltd.

Wholesale and retail of hotfix stones, buttons, textile accessories.

Gethart Ltd.

The company produces boxes and card boxes.

Yarn Trade Ltd.

The company is an importer of yarn and clothing manufacturer - hand knitting. Worked in size and customer order.

Buttons and buckles - Manufacturer Plastic Ltd.

Manufacturer of plastic buttons.

Beads, semi-precios gemstones, Swarovski crystals, tools and accessories for jewellry making. Wide range of products. Over 1000 articles. Discounts. Let jewelry making become your hobby. Promotions. Delivery all over the country. Retail and wholesale

Koko plast Ltd.

Production of clothes hangers, lingerie, swimwear and accessories, the fashion industry.

Poli stil Ltd.

Threads, accessories, lining, buttons and other sewing materials.

Poli stil Ltd.

Import and export of sewing materials and accessories, buttons, zippers etc.


Italian designers fabrics

ELIR - Import Export Ltd.

А well-established import company, supplies luxury textiles and lace from Spain and Portugal to producers of: men’s and ladies’ overcoat clothing, men’s and ladies’ shirts, boutique, evening and wedding, dresses, high-fashion garments.


Riki textile. Manufacturing and trade with fabrics - viscose, jacquard, threads etc.


Evromig was created in 2002. The company does treatment of leather.

ET Perfect - Vanya Daneva

Trade with curtains, pillows and manufacturing of products for the home interior: curtains, covers, machine embroidery, logos, bed linen etc.

Via Stil Ltd.

Direct importer of all kinds of Swarovski crystals / CRYSTALLIZED Swarovski elements/. The biggest Bulgarian producer of jewelry with Swarovski elements. Wholesale and retail.

Epau Nova Bulgarie

Production des epaulettes, des cigarettes, des proteges pince et des proteges ceinte de haute qualite. Il y a cinq filiaux aux pays suivants: France, Tunisie, Maroc, Roumanie et Bulgarie.

Bulgarian buttons AD

Accessories and support materials.

Almi Test OOD

Conducts testing of textile, wrapping and toys.


Yarn and thread, accessories and accessory materials, textile.

M & PS

Fancy yarns manufacturing.

Lastex Ltd.

Production of elastic type for underwear and sportswear.


The company has more than 17 years of experience. It has more than 30 knitting machines - Diamond and Steiger. Manufactures women's, children's and men's knitwear. School and employee uniform.

Svepol JSCo

Authorized agent for Bulgaria of: Kern-Libers, AKAL, Textol, Drei-S-Werk, Bekaert.

Han metal 2008 Ltd.

The company offers metal accessories, buttons, buckles.


Non standard sewing activities


Sewing Machines, spare parts, threads, needles etc.


We import fabrics from Italy

Velina - 2007

The company produces and trades in sewing and technical treads.

Dikozo Ltd.

Textile ribbons taffeta and satin for thermal transfer printing. Thermal transfer ribbons. Label printers CITIZEN. Thermal transfer printing of textile labels. Progressive labellers, labels and inkrollers for them. Textile pistols.

Svilosa-service EOOD

Viskose lining - Svilengrad

Tera Ex Ltd.

Swarovski crystals, Applicators for hotfix Swarovski stones.

Artplast Ltd.

The company is supplier of natural leather for garment and shoes.

VSGroup ltd.

Advertising materials, manufacturing of advertisement luxury bags and printed ads

Crystal Zone Italdesign Interior

Authorized Wholesaler for CRYSTALLIZED - Swarovski elements

Korado ood

Machine embroidery, working clothes,five-colour screen-printing, working with materials supplied by the customer.

Dilcom Bulgaria Ltd.

Production of labels–paper, foil, carton, 3M, PET, security, color and textile labels. Barcode printers CITIZEN. Barcode scanners. Label design software. Thermal transfer ribbons. Hand labelers /tag guns/. Labels for hand labelers.TOWA Applicators.

Joy Fashion EOOD

"Joy Fashion Ltd." was founded in 2000. Started operations in the retail trade with sunglasses. So far, chains Joy Optics and Grand Optics have 27 stores nationwide.

NickTrading CC

Trade with goods for the sewing industry, spare parts for sewing machines.


Manufacturer of buttons and studs on Italian technology.


Crystal tree - citrine, turquoise, amethyst, agate..

HBC-group Ltd.

Industrial textile treatment, Denim, special effects,

Unikalni ltd.

Unique presents. This is


'Nedikom' Company has been in the trading business with sewing materials, accessories since 1993.

Stamps Ltd.

Transfer thermostamps: fock, gliter, folio, plastizol, motifs, sublimation, hot fix motifs...

Megaprint transfers Ltd.

Heat transfers, rhinestones, plastisol transfers, screenprinting. Funny aprons!

Botexim Ltd.

"Botexim" is a trade company established in 1992. Its main business is import of sewing and knitting needles, spare parts. The company is a representative of sewing threads "Eduard Kupfer" and embroidery threads and materials "Gunold".

SD "Eros-Kolevi i sie"

Wholesale and retail with knitted fabrics and sewing materials - buttons, threads, laces etc.

Star Zipper

Direct importer of sewing materials from China and Turkey.

Lata Ltd.

Screenprinting for textyle BULGARIA, Haskovo 6300 2 Bialo more str., fl.1 +359 899 16 47 06


"Botexim" is an import company established in 1992. Its main business is import of sewing needles, knitting needles, spare parts.

Specialni Mashini Ltd.

Specialni Mashini Ltd. buy and sell all kind of sewing machines(JUKI, DURKOPP, RIMOLDI, STROBEL, YAMATO, BROTHER, PFAFF, VEIT)for all the activity that you need: clothes, lengerie, leather, bags, shoes.

Plastic Bulgaria

Plastic Bulgaria

Stoffe Textil Co

interlinings,perforatet bands,waistbands,pocket linings,\r\ntrims and etc.


Primatex is direct importer of fabrics from Italy in regular amounts and for stock reserves.The company operates successfully on the Bulgarian market already 7 years trying to satisfy the needs of many textile industries.

ET "Veneval"

Leather accessories, souvenirs, jewellery.

Lemina konsult Ltd.

One of the leading companies in Syria for manufacturing of curtains. Now on the Bulgarian market.

ET "Dista"

Dry clean and laundry service. Textile coloring.


Production of buttons and lazer engraving.

Evroplat Ltd.

Cloth, material, textile, fabric, silk, stuff, fabrics, textiles, textile, have a wide range of goods articles, be well stocked with goods, Bulgaria

Elegance Garden

Elegance-garden - the power of the flower

Ofaya Ltd.

Ofaya LTD. - DISPLAY EQUIPMENT Manufacturing and trade with hangers, mannequins, accessories for shops. Phone: +359 2 9832639, fax +359 2 9833323, MObile +359 888 218588 rn

Medi Group

Textile labels end accessories.


LIBERA Company was established in 2002. It is involved in handmade accessories and decorations for shoes, handbag and garments, and finished articles.


Trade of tailoring materials

Interclothing Ltd.

Integrated logistics for tailoring enterprises and textile industry companies, temporary storage of consignments and insurances.

Livia Ltd.

Wholesale and retail with sewing threads, zippers, lining and production of pads for the tailoring industry.

ET "DESI - Petar Anchev"

Production of knitted hosiery

MilenaStyle Ltd.

Gobelins, canvas, mulina, yarn, buttons, zippers, lace....and all you need


We are a company near Milan in Italy, who make elastic fabric material(lycra) for swimwear, underwear and sport. We can supply 1-st quality-per meter, 2-nd quality-per meter or small rolls of them(5-20 m) per kilo, of any kind of percent lycra.


Beeswax candles with scent of honey

Tomser 90

Lazer engraving and buttons Factory.

K&M Commerce

Embroidery on caps and other textile products.


The company produces and sales articles for furnishing stores, supermarkets, bazaar grounds, etc. The assortiment of EURODESIGN comprises: Stands, Hangers, Dummies/Window-dolls, Dolls.rnThe items are made in different qualities.


Binovri company is engaged with tailoring materials: sewing threads,embroidery threads, zippers, metal and plastic accesoires, elastic bands, cords and more other products for the sewing industry.


Import & export of fabrics, linings, zippers, threads and various kinds of garments accessories.

Crown Trading

Fabrics. Woven labels.

Koket Ltd.

Trade with fabrics and knitwear. Men's, ladie's and children's household linen.

Desy Trading Ltd

Everything for the sewing industry - sewing machines Juki, hangers Mainetti etc.

Alex 98

Trading with sewing materials and fabrics.

Petrov Packing

Manufacturing of paper bags.


Design and manufacture of textile labels for the textile industry.

Adamant L.t.d.

SprayTan - Tropical sun assures you a rich bronze beautiful tan . . . instantly!

Antic Dantela Ltd.

Antic Dantela Ltd. is a leader importer of all kinds of tailoring and embroidery materials and accessories for ladies, men's and children's underwear.

Zeleno BG Ltd.

Everything for the gardening in Bulgaria.

ET "Kalisto - St. Shopov"

Manufacturing and trade with sleepwear, household linen, cushions, tablecloths


Polyester Buttons Factory


The company offers textiles, linen, lawn, stripe

El-vip OOD

Everything for the sewing industry.


Wholesale trade of raw hide and leather


Wholesale trade of raw hide and leather

Protarg Invest AD

Leather treatment. Shoes trading.

Fulmax Ltd.

Manufacturing of shoe leathers for shoe industry.


Manufacturing of shoe leathers for shoe industry

Lynx1 Ltd.

Wholesales and retail of all kinds of tailoring and embroidery materials and accessories.

Event House Bulgaria

Professional Event Management. Business events: promotions, prezentations, conferences,events for increasing sales,trainings. Art management: professional actors and musicians, concerts, DJ parties.Audio and presentation systems, catering and many others.


Plastic hangers

SD Tomser '90

Buttons manufacturing - engraving, inscribing, laser-cutting.

Stela 92

Fabric and accessories for luxurous lingerie.


Tapestry design. Tapestry catalog. rnAdvices for tapestry embroidress.

ET "Docho Kovachev"

Nonwoven textile manufacture- wadding. We use tehrmobonding technology with lowmelting fibers.

Alba-new style

Wedding salon "New Style" offers everything for the wedding - garments and accessories, organizing weddings, christenings, cocktails, business meetings, parties, shows.

Sidip- Milka Kiriakova ET

Maschines and iron equipment.

Royal Textil

Royal Textil predlaga na svoite klienti podlepvashti materiali i konsumativi za shevnata industria.Sashto taka firmata raboti po porachka na klienta.

Кreo 2003-L.Josifov

Embroidery - design & realization. Embroidery on apparel, leather, shoes and bags.


Leda Sofia manufacture bags for women and men, rucksacks, articles for military industry as fragmentation vests,military rucksacks and articles for special use.



Stilyanko Yanulov Sole Trader

Manufacturer of appliances for sewing machines. Repairs.

Iskra OOD

“ISKRA” Ltd is a leading company in the production of textile passementerie with 50-year traditions that guarantee high quality and fast delivery terms of its products.rn

I.N.A. Trading

Offering on the Bulgarian market almost everything needed for the equipment and functioning of sewing factories - machinery, CAD/CAM systems, CAD service center, shell and sub materials, spare parts and devices, guarantee and out of guarantee service.

YKK Hellas A.E.B.E.

Fastening products group Bulgaria

COATS Bulgaria Ltd.

High technology sewing and embroidery threads in huge colour range.Zippers. Buttons and accessories, fusing materials. Needles and scissors. Materials and instruments for home sewing, hand embroidery, hand knitting and upholstery


Producer of nonwovens

Vikitex Ltd. - Evgeni Sakalov

Textile - direct import from Korea. (Shifon, Saten, GGT, Single span, Suede...)

Alex International

Fashion Design